One thought on “IMG_7141

  1. you are gorgeous! and literally look like A MODEL. its like the tube is just chiilin next to a scuba diver breathing tube kinda…super hip’–luv this pic-love, Andrea Gallagher- your future friend (w/ an amazing Chronic Illness TYPE I Bipolar w/ co-existing changing anxieties (that always keep m eon my toes-lol), ocd-that when I manage it well—really blessses others-as I can clutter and then 100% de-clutter a space in a matter of minutes—LOL :):), sensory processing integration disorder–( where I feel as though Im allergic to flouerescent lighting-which is freakin everywhere)—and other auditory/visual/sensory/processing/comprehension fun stuff–& more–Ill make you laugh about over skype or phone one im informally practicing and studying ( a lil’)to be a comedian for mental health—which whatever we have been diagnosed with–cancer, chronic illnesses, diseases, syndromes, etc—I agree with you—Laughter is 100% & research-based the best medicine…

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